Around the World Itinerary

-Hong Kong

96 days.


21 responses to “Around the World Itinerary

      • We rented a car and drove around Tuscany 18 months ago. If you need any suggestions – please let me know. Do not miss San Gimignano or Assisi.

      • Hey Peter – I will surely remember to ask you about Tuscany. We go to Istanbul next and will probably hit you up after we do some homework and before we leave for Italy. Really looking forward to it!

  1. Enjoy life to the fullest extent possible! This will will be a life changing event for you…the cultures & diverse experiences impact you in an unforgetable way! Your personal and spiritual development will explode! Take plenty of pictures. God bless and be safe!

  2. enjoy our house & your room ,new garden,spand some time with grandma ,enjoy food at our home, love, mom & dad

    • Loving the house thanks Mom and Dad! It is an Oasis of relaxation in an otherwise hot and noisy place. We are having fun as can be seen by the lack of posting recently. Lots of love!

  3. Hey Guys! Glad to see you are doing well! We are going to be in Paris July 17th-18th. Will you be there at that time? Lets meet up if so!

      • Bummer! We want to go to running of the bulls and see the tour de france the 14th and 15th so getting up there the 16th is a bit sporty. Bummer! What district are you staying in there?

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