Darjeeling Pictures

Jyoti got bitten by a horse!

We started our day by visiting the Happy Valley Tea Estate (which only exports their tea to Harrods of London, Japan, and Germany),we then visited the zoological center and saw a snow leopard. Later, we hung out with the owners of the “Hot Stimulating Cafe,” Lily and Rambubhai (aka Rambo). We had some nimbu nu serbert (sweet lime water) and masala chai. At 5 or 6pm we went to have some drinks with Rambo at a local underground speakeasy with a view of the North Himalayas. We met more cool local people and sampled local beers and some amazing gin from Sikim called Big Ben. On our way to grab dinner we passed a pony house where Jyoti tried to pet a horse and got bitten!

This morning when we woke up we decided that it be best for us to visit the doctor and have the minor wound checked out with rabies being our main concern. We have an appointment in 30 minutes. All should be fine!

As for the horse, I’m gonna go give it a piece of my mind after Jyoti gets checked out. I’ll snap a picture of the horse and poor lil Jyoti’s wound and post it on here later.