Why everybody should travel

I have given a lot of thought to the benefits of worldwide travel. Here are 5 benefits that I think are worth sharing and pondering.

Benefit # 1

Being on vacation frees up at least 40 hours per week of time your brain would otherwise spend working. This extra time alone spent devoted to your enjoyment is a healthy break for your brain. In today’s super-fast world, we have a sometimes unhealthy relationship with time – becoming over-obsessed with saving it and getting mad at those who waste it. Well SLOW DOWN to Earth Time people – we are just specks of sand on the earth hourglass.

Benefit # 2

The very thought of giving up work for a few months seems terrifying to people. Mostly because you are voluntarily giving up your salary for a few months while you in turn, spend a good chunk of money. In a “down economy”, this could be financially scary! Well, as long as you plan according to your budget, and minimize your home expenses while away, I believe worldwide travel, in some form, is available to all working people! In fact, reminding yourself that there are more important things to life than money, and literally putting it where your mouth is, can refresh your relationship with your finances, keeping it in check, but not letting it rule your life.

Benefit # 3

From the moment we are born, we are victims of our culture, defining ourselves by the communities we are a part of.  It is very difficult to fully appreciate how much our society shapes us without stepping out of that society for a while. Visiting other countries shows us what we have in common with other humans, and what makes us unique, all at the same time. It is this opportunity to see life through the eyes of others, that can help us understand our own society’s weak points, and strengths. Get out there and learn…

Benefit # 4

Ever heard the saying, we only use 10% of our brains potential? Well my take on that is that when you slip into daily routines, you train yourself to perform without thinking. We become hypnotized, and mercy to the same old thought patterns resulting from the same old sensory inputs. If you want to snap out of it and create new neural pathways, then immerse yourself in new experiences. This will force your brain to stay alert, and connect the dots. Be reminded of what you love, what makes you tick, and why you like living.

Benefit # 5

Food. Everyone needs it! Fueling not only our bodies, but also our art, dreams, gatherings, and lifestyles. I think one of my favorite things about the shrinking world is how accessible world cuisine has been. What a wonderful feeling to try delicious new cuisines for the first time and make a nommy-time. As vegetarians in Seattle, we are spoiled with good food, and love to cook it, share it, buy it, and try it. Bring on the flavor!

Do you agree? What sort of travel experiences have you had that back these up or do you call BS? Tell me….


15 responses to “Why everybody should travel

  1. woo hoooo !!! I’m sooo excited by your postings… and ur traveling dreams come true…. Ill look forward to hearing about your experiences, stories, and discoveries! best travel! xo Kinji

  2. A wise man once said, “The World is a Book. Those who do not travel only read one page.”

    Another wiser man once said, “Do Work son.”

  3. I love all the benefits you have come up with! I have always pointed out Benefit #3 to people, but I love love LOVE your Benefits #1 and #4. Nicely put!

  4. I know you are enjoying your grand adventure – it sounds like so much fun – I look forward to following you through each day – thanks for sharing it with us all

    • Oh, HELLO Nancy! Thank you for joining the blog, I hope to track us as we adventure around the world, we are blessed! I am so happy to hear from you and would like very much to stay in touch.

      Thanks for the comment(s)!

      -Tushar and Jyoti

  5. OH No…
    you´re veggies!
    Gotta get outta that gang straight away, definitely hampers your experience on the road.
    You have to eat what they eat, if its grubs or something´s tail, so be it!

  6. Absolutely………. From the day we are born, exploring, learning is in all of us. Glad to see your doing it your way. Experiencing real-world cultures and foods beyond borders. You’re definitely an inspiration.

    Ken N.

  7. Only just reading this after catching up with the rest of your blog to date. You’ve taken each sentiment about the value, beauty and sheer delight of travel right from within my heart. Kudos. Linking to my own travelogue from my travels last year.

  8. Though many of us don’t have the means (or more likely the guts) to experience what you are experiencing, we can all get some benefit from your travels, even if only for a few minutes in the middle of our routine lives. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hey Mike, glad you joined the blog. We’re in my home town of Vadodara, India and its blazing hot. Close to 110F everyday. Internet has crippled our ability to blog since we got to India, but we should we’ll pick up the pace a bit, hopefully, once we get to Istanbul. Still have a couple of posts left for Thailand as well as North India… both were amazing!

  9. You guys must be close to home (for me) by now. Would be good to meet up if we can. Know how hard that’s gonna be.

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